Workshop work-life balance

You might have already made an attempt to manage your time more effectively. Perhaps you’ve squeezed everything into your schedule, but you still end up feeling stressed? In this workshop, Anne Annink argues that work-life balance is a personal process. Although we face similar challenges, our personal lives consist of various domains. Furthermore, we have different beliefs, values, goals, and interests that make us happy. In this workshop, you’ll discover that finding a personal balance starts with mapping your life domains and identifying what makes you happy. Only then will you be able to prioritize and focus on the things that are truly important to you. You will learn that by doing less, you can actually enjoy and achieve more.

Prioritizing your work-life balance This 1,5 hour interactive workshop offers you the opportunity to achieve your personal work-life balance. During this workshop, you will learn about how to achieve your personal work-life balance by (1) prioritizing work and private goals and (2) optimally spending your time and energy to realize those goals.

Sign up if you are interested in:
– exercises to map out your personal work-life balance
– strategies to deal with common academic challenges such as social expectations, publication pressure and distractions
– tools to achieve your personal work-life balance by doing less instead of more

If you want to make the most out of this workshop: Please prepare the following: for seven days in a row, track your activities by the hour. At the end of each day, fill in the activity table attached. It would be best to start directly J.

About the speaker Anne Annink is a final year PhD student at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research is on the work-life balance of self-employed workers in Europe. Having experience as a self-employed yoga teacher herself, she now shares her academic and personal insights with professionals, entrepreneurs and PhD students at various universities.

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Deze workshop geef ik ook in het Nederlands en in huiskamers!